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The ministries of Calvary Chapel La Pine



One of the roles of those who lead the Church is to equip the members of the Church for the work of the ministry. There are many methodologies which can be employed in order to achieve this end. That being said, while the methods we employ may occasionally change,  the ideal of equipping will always remain central to who we are. Currently at Calvary Chapel La Pine, in addition to our Sunday morning corporate gathering, various smaller groups meet throughout a given week for the purpose of discipleship.


When Jesus prayed for His disciples as He was about to bear the cross, He sent them, and by extension all Christians, in to the world just as He was sent in to the world by His Father. Christians everywhere are called to intentionally engage the mission God has put before them – to make disciples in the workplace, the neighborhood, the community, and throughout the world. The members of Calvary Chapel of La Pine devote themselves to this commission as ones who are purposefully sent, whether across the street, across an ocean or anywhere in between, in order to be Christ’s ambassador who faithfully proclaim and embody the good news of the Gospel.


The Bible teaches that there is no greater demonstration of love than the act of one giving their life for another. At the heart of the Gospel is this manner of sacrificial giving. God, in a gracious act towards humanity, gave His only Son to die as a sacrifice so that many could live. Jesus willingly and obediently gave His life so that all who call upon His name could be saved from the wrath of God, thereby obtaining an eternal inheritance. The members of Calvary Chapel La Pine sacrificially give of their time, resources, possessions, and abilities so that others may know and take hold of the generous gift of salvation made available by a generous and loving God.


Prayer is central in the life of the believer, both personally and collectively within the local fellowship. It is an acknowledgement of our complete  and utter dependence upon God. The members of Calvary Chapel La Pine regularly pray whenever we gather, offering prayers of  thanksgiving, adoration, confession, and supplication to the God who created all things, holds all things together, and is sovereign over all things.