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Jesus is the Good Shepherd and church Elders serve as His under-shepherds within a local church.


The model of leadership within the church which we see established in the New Testament is a plurality of Elders who oversee a local church. While all Elders equally share the responsibility of shepherding the congregation, one of the benefits of a plurality is that each person brings various gifts, talents, and experiences to the mix which wouldn’t be present if the church was led by a single Pastor. For example, one Elder may be a stronger administrator than another or another Elder may be stronger in the pulpit. The Bible teaches that all Christians are gifted as an expression of God’s grace to His people in order that they would edify their local church. Those who serve as Elders are gifted by God’s grace to shepherd their local church.

The imagery used in the Bible to depict the role of Elders within a local church is that of a shepherd. While there are probably many, one important implication of this image is that shepherding takes place within the context of relationships. It is the obligation of Godly under-shepherds to protect the flock, feed the flock, lead the flock, and care for the flock. These things can only happen when the shepherds know their flock. When the duties of shepherding are spread amongst a team, the work of the ministry is a less daunting task than when it rests upon the shoulders of one person. The church will receive better and more thorough care from a group of men who are called and gifted to willingly and joyfully serve in such capacity.


Our Elders


Chad  Carpenter is an Elder/Lead Pastor of Calvary Chapel La Pine.

“I am native Oregonian, having grown-up in Prineville, OR., from where my parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents, and, subsequently, my children have also lived. Having spent my most of life in Central Oregon, I have deep roots here and throughout the state where much of my family is scattered. I grew-up in the Church, having wonderful Godly parents, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager, when I became involved in a youth group, that God altered the course of my life. At 18 years old I was called into youth ministry at the church in which I had been involved since my childhood. I would spend the next 21 years working with middle and high school students. In 1998 my wife and I moved to Medford, OR. where I served as a Children’s Pastor for a year and then to Red Bluff, CA. where I served as a Youth Pastor for six years. We came back home in 2005 and became a part of Calvary Chapel of Crook County where I would serve as an Elder and Youth Pastor for almost 10 years. While youth ministry remains a great passion of my life to this day, God has given me a deep passion for His Church, and in particular, the local church.

In early 2012, Calvary Chapel La Pine would begin what was nearly a three-year period where they were without a Senior Pastor. During that time a group of men from Calvary Chapel Bend and Calvary Chapel of Crook County formed a rotation where they would cover the pulpit each Sunday. As a result, I went to CC La Pine about once every six weeks until January 2015, when I, along with my family, was sent-out to serve Calvary Chapel La Pine as their Lead Pastor.”

 Additionally, Chad works at La Pine Park & Recreation District and Central Oregon Community College and serves on the NeighborImpact Board of Directors. He is married to Jill and they have three daughters – Grace, Natalie and Alison.


Tony deAndrade 
Tony DeAndrade is an Elder of Calvary Chapel La Pine. More information coming soon. 


 Kurt Stuemke is an Elder of Calvary Chapel La Pine. More info coming soon.