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 Calvary Chapel La Pine is structured under the leadership of Elders and Deacons.


There are two offices of leadership within in New Testament local churches. These offices are that of Elders and Deacons. The primary role of Elders is to provide for the spiritual needs of a congregation through the teaching of the Word and general oversight of a local church. The primary role of Deacons is to apply/implement the Biblical teaching put forth by the Elders and to faithfully serve the congregation. Staff roles my be filled by Elders, Deacons, or those who assist them.

Interestingly enough almost all that is required of those who would lead a local church is also required of any Christian elsewhere in scripture. So, serving in a leadership capacity in a local church does not make one a higher class of Christian. Those who serve in these roles have been given such responsibility because they have been called and gifted by God and because the consistent and regular pattern of their life exemplifies Godly character. Those who serve as leaders of Calvary Chapel La Pine have been affirmed by the other leaders as well as the congregation as having been called and having met the Biblical qualifications for such roles.